Monday, April 9, 2007

Next Gates, not an American, but an Indian

The next Bill Gates is born and he could be an Indian. This million dollar question is ticking all minds with Indians emerging as strong contenders in the race among the Asians.

A report released by two Washington-based organisations -- Zogby International and 463 Communications showed that nearly half of all Americans (49%) believe that the next great technology leader will come from either China (26.7%) or Japan (22.4%).

Twenty-one per cent say that "next Bill Gates" will come from the United States while 13 per cent believe he or she will come from India. Russia (2.1%) and Brazil (0.4%) were cited as other possibilities.

"The next Bill Gates has already been born, and time will tell what country is providing the environment of innovation, entrepreneurism and opportunity to enable him or her to flourish with the next great idea," said 463 partner Tom Galvin.

With an "Internet everywhere" mindset, most Americans believe that soon there will be no place in the world where we won't be able to access the Net, as new technologies are fast turning the world into a place of voyeurs and paparazzis.

While the Web is roughly 550 years younger than the printing press, one-third (32 per cent) of all Americans believe that the Internet is a greater invention. An overwhelming majority believes that a typical 12-year-old knows more about the Internet than their member of Congress.

What you all guys comment about "THE NEXT"?

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