Thursday, May 10, 2007

World's Largest Plane - Amazing

World's Largest Aircraft

There was a little excitement at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas with the arrival of the world's largest aircraft, a Russian Antonov 225. It was there to deliver a very large power transformer for Nevada Power, which has been built in Turkey. Apparently G.E. or Westinghouse weren't capable, or they lost the 'bid' to Turkey.

Note the wingspan is just about a football field length. Aircraft specifications are at the bottom.

Some of the specs are"

Wingspam - 290 Ft.
Height - 89.4 Ft.
Length - 276 Ft.
Number of wheels - 24
Max T.O. Weight - 1322,750 lbs. (Over 660 Tons)
Max payload - 551,150 lbs. (Over 275 Tons)
Engines - six Lotarev D-18T Turbofans
Max Speed - 530 MPH
Cruise Speed - 495 MPH
Range - 8310 Miles
Only one aircraft built and it's not for sale.